AI solutions for SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and M365

Do your employees spend a lot of time searching for the correct information within your company's vast data repositories? A chatbot can assist them by helping them find relevant and specific documents on a topic with simple questions or initiating workflows in SharePoint and other functions.

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SharePoint integration

SharePoint has established itself as a leading platform for enterprise collaboration. Our chatbots can be integrated into a SharePoint website and provide answers based on information from lists and libraries within that SharePoint website – whether On-Premise or Online.

Chat with your data

Many companies leverage Microsoft 365 and SharePoint to implement various applications – innovation and knowledge management, contract management, or technical documentation management, for example. We create intelligent assistance systems that intelligently extend your applications with GPT-4 and Azure Open AI.

AI support for your employees

Our AI assistants are available 24/7, accessible in most relevant languages, never tire, and always have the right answer ready. Here’s what our chatbots can do:

Natural language – understand more complex queries, ask follow-up questions, and provide responses in natural language

Comprehensive responses with source references and related suggestions

Secure and encrypted, hosted in European data centers compliant with GDPR

Multilingual – the language used is automatically detected and used in the corresponding responses

Perform actions – initiate workflows, send messages, create tickets, etc.

Retrieve answers from various sources – databases, network drives, SharePoint apps, or through interfaces from other systems


Integration with existing systems

  1. Customized responses: Our AI assistants can be fully integrated into existing infrastructure and respond based on your company’s data – whether from SAP, a PDF archive on the company drive, or a SharePoint list.
  2. Perform actions: Connect the AI assistants to your ticketing systems and other applications – initiate workflows, create tickets, etc.
  3. User-friendly interface: Our AI assistants seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and many other enterprise systems via API – understandable and easy for users!
Business optimization with Rockettas AI assistants!

Natural language queries, fast responses, and automated workflows – discover the benefits of Rockettas AI assistants for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams! Schedule a free consultation now.

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24/7 availability

AI assistants don’t sleep and don’t celebrate Christmas; they are available day and night, all year round, worldwide.

Automated responses

Increase your team’s efficiency and drastically reduce support efforts.

Data privacy

Your data doesn’t leave European soil, ensuring your company complies with GDPR regulations and your data remains safe and protected.

Continuous learning

Our AI assistants are constantly learning and adapting to your needs.


Here, we answer the critical questions about how AI chatbots enhance your company’s productivity in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. The AI assistants understand natural language, provide detailed answers, perform actions such as workflows, and continuously learn. Discover these and other benefits like 24/7 availability, automated responses, and increased efficiency. All this complies with GDPR, ensuring data privacy and information security.
How can an AI chatbot be used in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams?
Doesn’t an AI need to be extensively trained first?
How safe are my data?
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