EM 2024 Prediction Game for SharePoint

Turn the Euro 2024 Football Championship into an exciting team event! Our free app allows you and your colleagues to predict match outcomes and compete in a friendly contest. Enhance employee engagement and improve intranet usage through a shared and thrilling experience.

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Strengthening employee retention

Foster team cohesion and motivation among your employees through a shared experience! The prediction game brings colleagues together, regardless of departments or hierarchies, and creates a positive and engaged corporate culture.

Please create your summer fairy tale with our free company prediction game for Euro 2024!

Increase acceptance for the intranet

Our prediction game is seamlessly integrated into your SharePoint Online intranet. This means all predictions, scores, and discussions occur centrally in one location. As a result, the intranet’s usage and acceptance increased, turning it into a vibrant, interactive hub of communication.

Participation in the prediction game is easy. Log into SharePoint Online, navigate to the prediction game page, and you’re ready to start. Everything is intuitively designed, allowing you to focus fully on the football action.

How to Easily Install and Use the Free Euro 2024 Prediction Game App


Add App

Add the Euro 2024 Prediction Game app from the SharePoint Store or download it from our website and add it to the App Catalog.

Add Web Part

Open the page where you want to insert the prediction game in edit mode and add the Euro 2024 Prediction Game web part.


The app is ready to use – all colleagues with access to the website can now submit their predictions and play together!


Send us a request and we will email you a link to the application.

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