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Simply, quickly, and efficiently - Translate pages and news in SharePoint automatically. That's how you create a multilingual intranet!

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Although SharePoint Online allows for creating a multilingual intranet, it lacks an automatic translation function, a significant limitation. Intranet editors often have to manually translate content for a multilingual audience, which requires considerable time and effort.

Our solution relieves content editors from this manual task and allows you to automate your SharePoint website content translation easily. This enables you to deliver translated information to your users quickly and efficiently.

Overview and Functionality

The Translator for SharePoint is based on a simple concept and is implemented using the Microsoft SharePoint Framework and the Microsoft Azure Translator service. The page editors in SharePoint activate the translation and follow this process:

With just one click, a SharePoint editor requests a page translation via the Translator for SharePoint app – either for selected languages or all at once.

The content translated via Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services’ AI is added to the SharePoint site as the respective language page with the same web parts and identical formatting. Additionally, upon request, it can be immediately published so that your editors don’t have to manually publish each of the up to 50 language pages themselves.

The translation is now complete. If necessary, individual language versions can still be customized and edited as desired.

The Translator for SharePoint app seamlessly integrates into your SharePoint environment, making it simple and easy to use for your intranet editors:

  • Everything is under control – translate or even publish, feasible for selected languages or all at once!
  • More than simple text and headings – other web parts, such as Hero, Quicklinks, buttons, image captions, etc., are also translated!


Your data remains in the same environment – in the same region or data center of Microsoft where your SharePoint Online environment is located or where the corresponding Azure Cognitive Service for translation was created.

Azure Cognitive Services does not log or use your translations for AI training purposes. Therefore, Microsoft provides the highest security for your data. Do you or your data protection officer have more questions about this? We are happy to advise you!Get in touch


Here, you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Translator for SharePoint. From its functionality to ensuring data privacy during translation, these FAQs provide insight into how Translator for SharePoint addresses the challenges of manual content translation in SharePoint Online while ensuring data security.
Which languages does Translator support?
Are there monthly costs associated with using the Translator?
We already have thousands of pages and news items that have not been translated. Can these be translated as well?

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