Intranet with SharePoint and M365

Whether you have an existing SharePoint-based intranet or a new one, we will be happy to advise you and take it to a new level with our solutions - for an optimal user experience and genuine collaboration.

Development of individual designs and SharePoint modules and blocks (web parts) based on customer requirements.

We develop customized designs, modules, and blocks to enhance the efficiency of intranet usage by analyzing the needs and specifics of your processes.
Personalized experience for users

We offer various modules with news and articles on personally relevant topics or for different departments. This alignment with areas of interest and activity ensures a significantly more inherent and individualized user experience.

Localization with automatic translation of any content

With our automation for a multilingual intranet, you can relieve editors from manual tasks and enable them to automatically translate the content of your SharePoint site in no time. This way, you can quickly and extensively provide the translated information your users need.

Detailed and careful customization of design and content

Regardless of the department or geographic location, whether on a business trip or in another country, our intranet solutions always provide relevant and useful information, considering all the conditions you specify. This way, all employees feel comfortable in your intranet.

Tools and Technologies

In developing intranets in MS SharePoint, we use technologies like MS Viva, PowerApps, PowerAutomate, and MS Syntex to optimize collaboration and productivity. These tools streamline work processes and intelligently manage content for effective and scalable solutions.
MS Sharepoint
MS Viva
MS Syntex
Make the most of your intranet!

Unlock the full potential of MS SharePoint by leveraging all features of the Microsoft infrastructure and custom developments by Rocketta for your intranet!

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Personalized solutions through the development of SharePoint applications

From developing custom applications to seamless migrations and integrations into other enterprise solutions, our experts ensure optimal performance and support for your SharePoint environment.


We understand that setting up a SharePoint intranet costs companies time and money. Therefore, we analyze your business requirements and select the technology and environment accordingly to achieve the most extended possible runtimes.


A SharePoint intranet is the cornerstone of company-wide collaboration and should not be isolated from other enterprise systems. By integrating your SharePoint intranet with other enterprise systems, we ensure the integrity and continuity of your business processes.

Data Protection and Information Security

We ensure that your company data is processed securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

User Acceptance

Your SharePoint intranet can only be successful if it is actively used. To ensure user acceptance, we develop every component of a SharePoint intranet focusing on the employees and their comfort.

Adaptability and Mobility

In a constantly changing world, employees can perform their work at variable business hours and from any location. We facilitate this and customize your intranet to fit your circumstances.
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Here, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about developing and optimizing your SharePoint intranet for increased productivity and collaboration.
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