Comprehensive training on all key topics. From corporate training to individual lessons, we cover all aspects of SharePoint and Microsoft 365. Our experienced consultants provide practical knowledge and address your questions and systems specifically to offer real added value.

All our trainings and workshops on Microsoft SharePoint are always conducted by experienced consultants working on projects themselves. This ensures that the learning content is efficient and easy to grasp. Depending on the size of our training groups, we are happy to address your specific questions and systems.

Only those who constantly educate themselves stay ahead. In our extensive training program at Rockademy, you will find tailored paths to making your company more successful whether it’s corporate training or individual lessons, whether for end users or system administrators, with learning content tailored to your needs, we bring you closer to all topics related to SharePoint and Microsoft 365.

Our Course Offerings:

  • SharePoint 2019 for Users – Basics
  • SharePoint 2019 for Users – Advanced
  • SharePoint 2019 for Administrators
  • Microsoft 365 or Microsoft 365 for Users
  • Microsoft Teams for Users
  • SharePoint Online for Users
  • SharePoint On-Premises for Software Developers
  • Software Development for SharePoint with SPFx Framework
  • Additional custom courses available upon request

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Practice-oriented training for effective SharePoint usage

We don’t just provide theoretical knowledge – with practical examples from real projects, we help you maximize the potential of SharePoint, Teams, and more. During our workshops, we can also develop solutions for your specific requirements and projects. Additionally, we are happy to create handbooks tailored to your company, which can serve as reference guides for your employees after a project.

Our main goal is to provide you with real added value through seminar participation and to educate you in all areas offered fully.

Your Benefits

Flexibility: Whether at your company’s premises or at home on your terrace, participate from anywhere and interact directly with the instructors. Tailored training in your systems, saving time, money, and CO².

Whether office, home office, or terrace: You participate from wherever you want – flexible and independent

Digital Presence Training: Ask questions to the instructors as if they were right beside you

Current & Individual: Each training takes place live for you and is therefore unique

Practical Relevance: Access your own files and settings

Effective & environmentally friendly: Save on travel time and thus time, money, and CO² emissions

Rockademy Training: FAQ

You’ll find everything you need to know about Rockademy’s training sessions here. From tailored corporate training to digital presence training – here we provide answers to frequently asked questions about our training offerings:
Does Rockademy also offer training for companies that require specific requirements or technology integrations?
How does Rockademy’s digital presence training differ from traditional training methods?
What are the benefits of participating in Rockademy’s training sessions for companies and their employees?

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