SharePoint and M365 migrations

You want to take everything necessary, whether it's your data or your colleagues. Our experienced team ensures smooth, cost-effective migrations and a seamless transition to the new environment for your company.

Smooth Transition: Disruption-free Migration

A SharePoint migration is typically a complex project and involves more than simply moving data from one place to another. If not all challenges and tasks are considered, disruptions or additional efforts in the company may occur. Avoid a complicated Microsoft SharePoint onboarding by entrusting the project to our experienced team.

Analysis and inventory

The planning of a migration usually requires more time than the implementation itself. Data volumes in excessively deep directories on network drives or in SharePoint environments and outdated, confusing permission structures are analyzed before migration. We can classify documents or even automatically detect personal information in your data. This way, you gain a comprehensive overview of the environments to be migrated.

Cleansing the data

Some data and structures need to be updated, and numerous folders don’t need to be migrated. Often, data is identified as not being stored anymore due to data protection reasons or should be anonymized (automatically) before migration. We help you clean up your data repositories; migration is the perfect time for that.

This is how we move your data


Architecture and planning

In close coordination with departments and data owners, we jointly decide which directories should be migrated, archived, or deleted, thus planning your future data architecture. Additionally, we assist you in determining which data should be migrated to SharePoint and which, for example, to OneDrive or Teams. Depending on the data volume, the target system, and the temporal requirements you defined, the data to be migrated is divided into so-called migration waves and is scheduled to be moved in the next step.

Migration Execution

We integrate all previously gathered information and decisions into the migration process. Using various tools – from standard products like AvePoint FLY, ShareGate, or Metalogix to custom-developed solutions and scripts – we carry out the SharePoint migration promptly and reliably. We rely on proven methods and place great emphasis on a smooth workflow. Throughout the process, we always prioritize the security and integrity of your data.

Team Involvement

The entire process is thoroughly logged and documented so you have a clear overview of what, how, and why it was migrated at any time. Naturally, we also support you with knowledge transfer and internal knowledge building so that your team can manage the new environment independently. Additionally, we conduct employee training upon request—whether it’s SharePoint basics for beginners or advanced training for editors, data owners, or administrators.

Why not just migrate with the Microsoft SharePoint migration tool?

With the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT), Microsoft provides a free migration solution to migrate data from on-premises locations to Microsoft 365.
The data is transferred 1:1. While it is possible to use, you won’t be able to clean up data, restructure it, or adjust permissions.

After completing the analysis, we support you in selecting the right tool and present you with possible alternatives, depending on your circumstances and requirements.

Efficient SharePoint Migrations

Tailored to your company – our team supports you with its expertise and experience from over 100 migration projects.

Tenant-to-Tenant Migration

Are you facing a company merger, a carve-out of a business unit, or are you looking to consolidate multiple locations? We offer you the expertise you need – including in the area of Tenant-to-Tenant Migration.

Replacing Lotus Notes

We assist you in replacing Lotus Notes and migrating Lotus Notes applications and databases to Microsoft 365, Power Platform, or SharePoint – from selecting the technology to implementation.

Migrating Network Drives

We analyze the legacy data on your network drives and, if desired, can convert them into searchable documents using OCR, classify, potentially anonymize, and then migrate them to SharePoint.

SharePoint Version Update

Are you still using SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013? Or SharePoint 2016/2019 with extended support expiring in July 2026? We can help you reliably transfer existing data to SharePoint SE.
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Learn why SharePoint migrations are complex and how our experts ensure seamless transitions to avoid disruptions to your workflow and unexpected costs. Find out where Microsoft SPMT’s limitations lie and why choosing the right migration tool is crucial for success.
Why is a SharePoint migration complex?
How do I avoid disruptions to our productivity and other issues during the migration?
Why can’t I just use the free Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool?

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